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sanjay mehan
Oct 20, 2020

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✸ Creating New and Updated #content is good but focusing on existing content is better. Evaluate what type of content is working, Identify whether the information in content still updated or outdated.

✸ Earn Quality Backlinks from trustworthy #websites. Earning quality #backlinks is getting somewhat easy when your Content is #Credible, Trustworthy & Interesting.

✸ Internal Linking. Properly managed Internal links enhance the user’s understanding of a particular topic & users spend more time on your website which impacts positively on your #SEO rankings.

✸ Expand your content footprints & generate some interest by using #Infographics. They are easy to circulate on #SocialMedia in the form of information packets.

✸ Use appealing images with the right #colors and #fonts having descriptive #titles and #alttags. Write relevant and substantial content by keeping both Search engines and users in mind.

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sanjay mehan

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