Want More SEO Traffic? Focus on Image Linking Techniques.

sanjay mehan
2 min readDec 11, 2020

Link Building has always been one of the most efficient #strategies of #SEO.
But what happens when Images take part in the Link building.

More Visual content = More #Links
More links = More #Traffic
More Traffic =Higher Rankings

Let’s understand How?

Reverse Image Search- Here you need to monitor who is using your images, later on, you can ask for a link as a source from the #Website using your image.

★ Always use ALT Text in the image to describe the image to search engine crawlers, so that search engine visibility of that image enhances & the image reaches the wider audience.

★ Optimize your image with targeted #keywords in the title.

★ Create image #content that revolves around your audience’s pain points. Add some #facts, #stats, how-to guides & #tips in the image.

Create engaging #Infographics with an interactive and unique layout. Infographics grab more attention as people consume more content in less time. Infographics are widely used by marketers in #emails, #blogs & presentations.

★ Convert your most popular content into images & share them on different platforms for link building.

★ Update your old popular images with new data, keywords & stats.

Good Luck..!!

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