Unique Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate in 2022: Nothing, Just Simple Tips

Unique Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate in 2022

Bounce rate is one of the most important parameters of your digital marketing efforts.

High bounce rate results in a low conversion rate. And no business wants their conversion rates to be reduced. So to combat high bounce rates, we have come up with some unique strategies.

Grab them and make your website more engaging with high conversion rates.

Optimize Page Load Speed

Every Second counts. Never ruin your website user’s experience by showing them a blank page. Competition is very high, and if you can’t provide the best user experience, others are waiting to grab that opportunity. And these all things collectively result in higher bounce rates.

Make Readability Impressive

Make your content accessible and eliminate weighty paragraphs. Make your paragraph breathe, leave appropriate white space, and use:

  • Frequent Subheadings
  • Appropriate Headers
  • Bullet Points
  • Attractive Media, Text, and Images.

Satisfy the User Intent

Understand the user intent behind every search, query, and keywords users use while searching the product, deliver the content that best satisfies their queries, and provide the exact solution they are looking for.

Use Brilliant CTAs

Best CTAs encourage users for sale, but brilliant CTAs close the deals. Insert your top-ranking keywords into your CTAs creatively. Let’s say you are selling shoes, so what would be the CTA? It might be “Buy Now” or “Try Now.” Instead of these words, you can use “Get My Shoe” or “Wear a Pair.” Here we have used both our keyword and creativity.

Use Consumer Testimonials Smartly

Convert “consumers’ speak” or testimonials into success stories on your website and highlight them. Besides, you can use various Elements like Audio, Video, and Illustrations to show how you can help your clients. These things keep your customer engaged and increase their page stay time.

Filter out Dead Clicks

Remove all the dead links from your website. Users may click on the link that they are supposed to be a “call to action” or a link that redirects them to specific information. And all your strategies go into a vein when that link fails to open. It is an active example of bad UX. And we know that bad UX is one of the biggest reasons behind the high bounce rate.

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Good Luck..!!




Google Certified Digital Marketing Professional| HubSpot Certified Content Creator | Digital Strategist

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sanjay mehan

sanjay mehan

Google Certified Digital Marketing Professional| HubSpot Certified Content Creator | Digital Strategist

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