Tight Budget for App promotion? Don’t worry now, here is the Solution.

sanjay mehan
Nov 17, 2020


Going to introduce a new mobile app in the market? but low on budget or you assign a very less budget on Advertising and Marketing, here we’re going to give you a cherry so you can easily put it on the cake and solve your budget problems.

let’s bang on-

Research & find the Keywords relevant to the App & use them in the App title.

✥ Create a Website & Social Media accounts of the App for promotional campaigns & user engagement.

✥ Create an educational article about the App, Prepare a “How-to” video of the App & post it in the article.

✥ Make an eye-catching and simple icon of your App & show the best features & most appealing functions through screenshots.

✥ Focus on SEO — Set Meta tags, Heading tag & Alt tags correctly for the images, focus on Website speed, remove duplicate pages, create backlinks.

Launch your App for free, it will increase the Conversion rate & get famous, then add an in-app purchases option later on.

✥ Frequently launch app updates & sweep away the bugs in it, with every new update introduce some mind-blowing & fresh features.

✥ Target local Media & Publications of your industry which covers an article about your App.

✥ Keep your focus on Ratings & Reviews, they work like a magnet that pulls users. Answer the reviews & queries, it shows that you care about user opinions.

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sanjay mehan

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