This is How you can 10X your Sales by Investing in Customer Experience

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As the customer shift towards E-Commerce has steadily been on the rise, the value of the online shopping industry turns millions of dollars. It is also projected to go even higher in the next few years due to the conveniences they offer. With the rise in the E-Commerce business, the competition is also getting stiffer day by day. If you want to lead this competition, you just need to invest in your customers and for this, you have to focus on customer experience and shape it as best as you can.

Why is Customer Experience on hype?

Customer Experience (CX) nowadays is a powerful factor in the E-Commerce business. Irrelevant pop-ups, offers, registrations urgency are some of the factors that create a bad customer experience which pays the businessman with loss of loyalty, brand prestige, revenue, and sales. On the other hand, good customer experience led to a boost in brand awareness, website traffic, higher sales, and at last the profit every business person craving for.

How to Improve Customer Experience in E-Commerce?

To build a profitable E-Commerce business you need to invest in the customer. When your customer gets the best experience, they will reward you with the repeated business. When they share their positive experience with other members of his community, It will be an asset for future perspectives.

Here are the ways to improve the customer experience for your E-Commerce in 2020:

The Game Plan of “Personal” Touch

Everyone likes to feel special in this consumer-centric world. To get ahead in the Digital world creating a personalized experience increases the loyalty of the brand. To serve the unique interests of customers you just need to gather the relevant information of the customer. Segment the customers into broad groups based on common criteria and target them with relevant offers and advertisements.

Behavioral analysis is the most important aspect of personalization, you need to focus on the browsing behavior of the customer, purchasing history, demographics, psychographics, etc. so you can customize your ways to reach out to the customers.

Here are some personalization tips:

  • Geo-location targeting
  • Chatbots
  • Automated product recommendations
  • Trigger personalized emails
  • Dynamic advertising
  • Personalized video marketing
  • Push notifications

Smooth Navigation with “Easy to Find” Stroke

Accelerate the customer experience by creating your homepage in such a way that the customer who jumps to your website will easily and quickly be able to find what he is looking for.

Categorize your products and services so that customers can explore more. Use product filtration to simplify the search results like color, price, brand, etc. so that customers can easily select the product he wants.

Streamline Checkout Process

As per the sources, the average cart abandonment rate on E-Commerce is around 75%, which shows customer dissatisfaction with the checkout process. Focus on optimization of the checkout process, making it fast, easy, and secure so that customers do not find the last step sluggish.

Improve your checkout process by working on these critical aspects:

  • Don’t force the customer for registration or account creation
  • Allow customers to email or print their cart contents
  • Include order summary
  • Add live chat for real-time conversation
  • Make checkout mobile friendly
  • Offer a guest checkout
  • Easy password reset option

Hit the Spot by “Delighting” your Customer

Running the extra mile will pay you in the long run, every business must work on customer retention, according to sources 5% increase in customer retention rate increases the profit by 25%. To nurture a long-lasting relationship and lifelong customer, you need to embrace the customer with delight.

  • Offer freebies, discount, and referral points
  • Personalized emails
  • Send handwritten thank-you notes
  • Surprise your customers with customized goodies
  • Choose a random day for free shipping
  • Free sample campaigns

Play Social Media Card

Social media plays an important role in improving the customer experience in E-Commerce. It can be leveraged to listen to customers and to resolve their queries and Nurture your brand’s unique voice using social media. Endow the customer with breathtaking experience on social channels increases customer satisfaction and loyalty as well, you must:

  • Catch your fans on social media regularly.
  • Go live to let know your potential customers regarding new deals, ideas, promotions, and tips.
  • Make a two-way communication with customers by sharing your and their opinions, suggestions.
  • Start a chat on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Take the customer queries and convert their negative experience into a positive one.

Educate your Buyer using “Enlightening” Content

Don’t focus on just selling the product, to improve the customer experience you must sell the solution to the problem. Add helpful, informative content that resolves the customer’s “How’s” and “Why’s”. This rectifies the customer’s confusion and opens the gate for conversion. Don’t set up just the “Buy Here” type of communication with customers, show them value by storytelling, personalized content that led them to a memorable experience. Use your content in the right way, at the right time, and with the right audience.

In a Nutshell

The customer experience nowadays is in the top priorities of the E-Commerce business. You could lose the battle if you do not offer a great customer experience. To create a long-lasting impression on the user, you need to nurture and care for your customers from time to time. Providing a user-friendly and seamless website experience, hassle-free checkout process, offer live chat, high-quality pictures of the product. Last but not least secure payment options will delight your customers and you will see an exceptional hike in your sales.

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