These small SEO Mistakes may Create Blunder for Your Website

sanjay mehan
1 min readOct 6, 2020

SEO is an extremely important factor to improve your website’s visibility in Google SERPs.

For getting desired results in Google rankings you should focus on your website’s SEO.
But sometimes having a proper SEO will not deliver the desired results,


Here is the answer.
You may make some SEO mistakes that you should avoid improving your website traffic. let’s have a look-

★ Poor/outdated Content

★ No Keyword Researches

★ Wrong Keywords Optimization

★ Missing Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

★ Major focus on Backlinking

★ Slow loading Website

★ Building low-quality links

★ Not using Analytics tools

★ Not using H1 Tags correctly

★ Not using Alt Tags in Images

★ The too big Image file size on the Website

★ Keyword stuffing in Content

★ The website is not Mobile friendly

★ Optimization of only short tail Keywords

★ Ignoring local SEO

★ Content Cannibalization i.e Optimizing several pages for the same Keyword

★ Irritating pop-ups on every page

★ Giving underscores in URLs

★ Not having Hreflang tags on your website

★ Using Black Hat SEO

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