The Future Nobody Saw Coming: Talking Toothbrushes, Singing Trump, Joking Ronaldo & Evergreen AI Music with Voicify AI

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6 min readMay 15, 2024

In the last few years, voice interfaces have created their own niche in the market; whether you are looking for an answer to a question, need to turn on the lights without leaving your place, or want to order dinner online, voice interfaces have made it all possible. You can engage in physical activity from the comfort of your couch by just using your voice. One emerging platform that is making its mark among music lovers is Voicify ai (Now Jammable). This platform enables music lovers to create AI covers in the voice of their favorite singers in seconds.

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In this blog, we will discuss every detail about, check if is safe, if it is legit, and what price you need to pay to use this platform.

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What is Voicify AI/Jammable?

Voicify ai, now Jammable is a comprehensive platform that offers advanced AI voice modeling. With this advanced AI voice model, users can create high-quality AI voice clones in just a few minutes.

With the help of Voicify AI, you can generate the voice of your favorite celebrity and any fictional character’s voice, or if you want, you can make your own voice a little different and sweet and present it in front of your friends. (By the way, If you are a bathroom singer, this is no less than an opportunity to amaze your social media audience). uses artificial intelligence in such a way that any user, from a 15-year-old kid to an 80-year-old granny, can create customized songs that sound real, professional, and appealing. All it takes is an internet connection.

It is very easy to use; here, you will find trending music models and thousands of AI covers that have already been created by similar users. All in all, as a music lover, you will get used to creating music in different voices after using this Voicify AI app.

How Does Voicify AI/Jammable Work?

Voicify AI uses deep learning algorithms, which is a powerful branch of Artificial Intelligence. Realistic text-to-speech results are obtained with the help of its deep learning algorithms. Here is the complete process:

Voice Learning

Voicify AI first analyzes the target voice samples. This analysis checks the required voice’s pitch (higher or lower pitch), the tonal quality, and whether there are any characteristic accents.

Voice Representation

After deep analysis, Voicify AI prepares a digital representation of the voice. This representation serves as a blueprint containing the voice’s essential characteristics.

Text-to-Speech with a Personalized Touch

Unlike traditional text-to-speech systems that produce generic voices, Voicify AI utilizes the crafted voice blueprint. When you provide text input, Voicify AI generates new speech that exactly replicates the target voice’s traces, resulting in a natural-sounding output.

Download and Utilize

The generated speech can be downloaded in a widely compatible format like MP3. This allows you to integrate the voice clip seamlessly into various applications, such as voice overs for presentations or personalized audio messages.

Voicify’s Ai Library

Voicify AI’s library is quite large. This will give you different categories of AI voices like music, cartoons, anime, public figures, and gaming. Apart from this, you will also enjoy AI voices in different languages like German, Korean, French, and Italian.

Famous Voices on Voicify AI/Jammable

If you are in a funny mood and want to do something crazy, then voicify ai can let you create an AI voice cover of your favorite public figure.

Here are some of the famous public figures’ voices you can find on the Voicify ai app.

How To Use Voicify AI to Create AI Voice Cover?

Getting started with Voicify AI is a very simple process; you just have to follow the basic steps given below:

Step 1: Create Your Voicify AI/Jammable Account

To access voicify ai’s extensive collection of models, you must first sign up and create your Voicify ai/Jammable account, after visiting their website.

Step 2: Choose The AI Voice Model

After signing up, you will be on the main page of Voicify ai where you will find many AI voice models. Among them, you can choose the required model from the list of AI voice models, and if you are looking for a specific AI model by name, you can also search for it by entering the name in the search bar. You can even create your own AI voice model with your own voice.

Step 3: Upload Your Files

Once you select your preferred AI voice model and click on it, you will be redirected to a new page.

Suppose I have clicked on Ronaldo, and a new page will open where details of the AI Ronaldo model will be shown, such as uses, likes, etc.

Here, you will get three options to choose from

  1. Create Conversion
  2. Duets
  3. Text-to-speech

If you click Create Conversion, a box below asks you to “Provide an input for Ronaldo…”. In this input, you can upload your own voice file, full song, or just the acapella part that you want to convert into Ronaldo’s voice, or you can paste the URL of the YouTube video for any of the videos you want to do voice over in Ronaldo’s voice. AI will analyze the song from the video, extract it, and use it as an AI model audio.

If you click on the duet option, you will be presented with a message: “Create duets with multiple voices!” on clicking it, you will be redirected to a new page in which you can select which AI model you want to duet with Rolando.

When you click on the text-to-speech option, you will be presented with the box where you need to enter the text or lyrics you want to convert. Besides, you will get three options viz. Language, Expression, and speed. Choose as per your requirements.

Step 4: Customize Your Music Cover

After completing the upload process, you have the option to customize your music cover by making a few changes. You can modify your music cover by adjusting the settings like pitch (High or low) or speed (1x, 2x, 3x…). With these changes, you can give a unique touch to your music cover.

P.S. (You can create something funny by adjusting the speed to make your social media audience laugh)

Step 5: Download and Share

Once you are satisfied that the audio has been adjusted to meet your needs, you may download your AI-generated audio and post it on the social networking sites of your choice.

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