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sanjay mehan
2 min readAug 19, 2020


Digital Marketing Strategies for SaaS

According to sources, The global SaaS market is expected to reach $60.36 billion by 2023. This growing industry will produce not only new opportunities but also new competitive challenges. To win the competition, you’ll need marketing strategies that make your company stand out, here are the key tactics to focus on-


  • Provide Content that is not already floating on the Internet.
  • Fresh Images and updated statistics with new tips delight the audience the most.
  • Provide articles that are fully loaded with in-depth discussions and address your customer’s pain points.


  • Focus on your competitors, identify the platforms which they are not focusing on & build a strong presence on those platforms.
  • Enhance engagement & build a strong relationship with your customers.
  • Avoid direct marketing of your products and services.
  • Be consistent on Social Media platforms and give replies to customer’s queries.


  • Build a strong reach strategies on professional platforms like Linkedin.
  • Make collaboration with those businesses that have the same audience as yours.
  • Produce in-depth research reports, whitepapers, and statistics.
  • Host a webinar, addressing your customer’s pain points and community questions.
  • Make a guest appearance on your collaborating firm, attend discussions, podcasts to build trust.

Product Demonstration

  • Offer a free trial of your SaaS product.
  • Make engagement through Emails by offering further assistance after giving free trials.
  • Offer free installation videos or live training to use the product effectively.

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