Let’s Skim the Data and Penetrate the Market

sanjay mehan
2 min readMar 10, 2021

For better #business decisions, #data collection is a must.
Whether direct asking #customers for information or to gather the data by observing the behaviour of the customers, a lot of #strategies are there, let’s quickly dig into them-

Social Media Monitoring — It includes the #Insights of #Facebook, #LinkedIn, #Twitter, #Instagram like-

✧ Page Visits
✧ Impressions
✧ Post Reach, Reactions, Comments, Saved
✧ Organic/Paid Likes
✧ Track Link Clicks
✧ No. of times username mentions
✧ Retweets, Replies, Interactions

★ #Lead Magnet Strategy
Together with Free trials & Sign-ups, you can use -

✧ Floating Bars
✧ Pop-ups
✧ Slider Boxes
✧ Sidebar Forms
✧ Countdown timers & Limited availability offer to encourage users to submit details.

★ Website tracking
It includes -

✧ Page Views
✧ Unique Visitors
✧ Sessions
✧ Time spent on Particular #Blog
✧ Bounce rate
#Website Feedback Forms
✧ Heat-map tracking & Eye-tracking software to collect the user’s activity on your website.

Online Survey
Prepare a Customer’s profile based on online data & target them with personalized strategies, it includes-

✧ Name
✧ Social Networks
✧ Contact Details
✧ Education, Income
✧ Professional Background, Lifestyle
✧ Customer’s Needs, Opinions, Preferences

Hope you like this piece of information and definitely apply it during data extraction.

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