Is Your Business Going Through Tough Times? Try these Simple Tactics

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2 min readMay 6, 2021
Tips for User Generated Content

What can help your business during tough times?



User-Generated Content is a driving factor that builds trust.

Sprinkle the trust using these 5 tips.

✧Strong Online Platform

For an effective UGC campaign, you must have a strong online presence. Focus on the platform on which your audience spends most of their time. You can share your content via-

Instagram — Stories, Pictures, Videos, Quotes

Facebook — Pictures, Videos, Curated Content

Twitter — Blog Posts, News, and GIFs

Linkedin — Professional Content, Thought Leadership

Pinterest — Infographics, Pictures, Step by step Guides.

YouTube — How-to- Videos, Educational Videos about your Products and Services

✧Customer Stories

Your Brand plays a big or small role in your customer’s life. Explore that role in front of a large audience with the help of users themselves through his own story associated with Brand. This enhances the trust of your audience.

✧Run a Contest

A Contest can add a much-needed spark to your Brand. The contest gives the audience a chance to interact with a brand uniquely and increases the volume of UGC submissions, which builds your Brand’s trust in front of a large audience, and enhances the Brand interaction and Brand Reach.

✧Powerful Hashtags

Hashtags help your Brand to reach a wider audience. Use Memorable hashtags that define your Brand in One Shot and let your users contribute to it. Hashtags enhance Brand engagement, Build Brand Awareness, Reliability, Trust, and ultimately boost your Business.

✧Influencer’s Campaigns

Influencer’s Campaigns spark a powerful influx of UGC. Influencers can create a bond of Trust and Authority between your Brand and Audience, as their recommendations mean a lot for their followers.

Adopt these 5 strategies for effective User Generated Content to build Trust & Authority and Solidify your Brand Image

What do you think of UGC?

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