Grip the Market with Voice Search Evolution in COVID 19

sanjay mehan
2 min readMay 14, 2020


Voice Search Optimization strategies for 2020

These voice search Optimization strategies help you to capture Voice traffic in 2020-

Prioritize the Keywords that we speak instead of the Keywords that we write for eg. Use “What is the Best Digital Marketing agency” in place of “Best Digital Marketing Agency”.

Since humans use conversational language in speaking, so focus on the Keywords which are conversational in nature i.e. Long tail Keywords.

Google loves websites that load quickly, So reduce the page load time & Focus on the page speed so that when anyone searching using voice search your Business will be on top.

Update your Google My Business profile with name, address, contact no. & working hours as in Voice Search people tend to use the keyword “Near me” & Google monitor the location to deliver relevant results.

✲ Create an FAQ page, add as many as queries related to your business & provide answers. This will magically improve your website’s traffic, as in Voice search people always use questions for their queries.

Add structure data code to HTML. It helps Search Engines to crawl & understand your content & resulting in Feature Snippets which in turn increase Click-through rate and drive traffic.

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