Easy On-Page SEO Tips that Grow your Website Traffic Daily..!!

sanjay mehan
2 min readAug 19, 2021


A winning #SEO strategy can help you get found online by both search engine crawlers and your targeted #audience.

Supercharge your #website traffic and boost your #conversions with these powerful On-Page SEO #strategies and drive maximum results.

✸ Fuel your technical side of SEO with H1, H2, H3 tags. Add your target #keyword in the H1 (title) tag and break up your #content in H2 and H3 Subheadings. Also, add keywords in H2 and H3 subheadings, you will see a power-up in your rankings.

✸ Insert H2 headings after every 300 words.

✸ Use exact match questions in subheadings, don’t forget to add target keywords in exact match questions.

✸ Keep your paragraphs short. Use 3–4 sentences in paragraphs. This will increase the white space in your #blog, enhance readability and look good on mobile devices.

✸ Use bullet points in your content. Bullet points concisely summarize the #information.

✸ Always try to keep bullet points between 5–8. Highlight valuable points, and add internal #links to bullet points.

✸ Optimize your blog for feature snippets. For Paragraph Feature Snippets, summarize the main information in 50–60 words in the first paragraph of your blog.

✸ Optimize your blog for List Feature Snippets. Add a bulleted list to solve the “how-to” queries. Add steps in the form of a list to solve that query.

✸ Optimize your blog for Table Feature Snippets. Add a table of 4–5 columns wide and 5–7 rows long and summarize the piece of information in that table.

✸ Add #FAQs at the bottom of each blog post. For this, you can add a FAQ schema #plugin in your #WordPress.

Use these tips and let the piece of information fly to the right person at the right time and enhance your visibility in the #SERPs.

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