Are your Google ads not visible to your Targeted Audience? Here is the Tip

sanjay mehan
2 min readJul 30, 2020

Today we have seen a Digital Wave in the market, everybody wants to push his product in the market via Digital platforms, and on the other hand, Digital Platforms are also lending their hands to pull the products for promotions, Whether it is Facebook or Instagram, Youtube or Snapchat, Google or Bing, Nobody wants to fall behind in the competition.

From Facebook to Instagram, Google, Bing, etc. they all provide their services to cater to the needs of the Businesses. Businesses spend a huge amount of their Budget on promotional activities via ads, and these ads require the best strategies to remain on the top of the market.

But before proceeding with the ads strategies, have a look at these mistakes and tips to avoid them, so that your Google ad will not be lost in the Competition-

  1. Post click Landing page is not Optimized & relevant to your target audience.

Fixing tip- Justify your Landing page’s content with these questions in mind

A) What are the Pain Points of Customers?

B) What solutions are they searching for?

2) Your Ad group’s keywords are not relevant to ads.

Fixing tip- Make an ad group with closely related keywords focused on specific topics.

3) Your Ad is not getting clicks which reduces CTR and Google will probably stop showing it.

Fixing tip- Make an attention-grabbing headline or ad copy & show urgency like “Limited time offer” compels the audience to click on your ad.

4) Overlapping of Negative keywords with targeted keywords Impacts badly on your ads.

Fixing tip- Let’s say you are bidding on a phrase match keyword “Social Media Software free trial” and you set “free Social Media Software” as a broad match negative it will overlap the active keyword. Switch your broad match negative “ free social media software” to exactly match negative “Free Social Media software”.

5) Not focusing on the correct keyword category strategy resulting in your ad placed in front of the wrong audience and higher ad spend.

Fixing tip- Map out the keywords with the customer journey, to get an idea what type of keywords they use in each stage and implement those keyword categories in content either “Broad match” or “Exact match”.

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