Are You Avoiding the Traffic From Mobile Devices? Grab it Using These Tips

sanjay mehan
3 min readOct 13, 2021

Smartphone users are persistently booming, every marketer endeavors to deliver top of a range experiences to a smartphone user.

And for that, the first thing is the content of the website, because whenever a user lands on the website the first thing he interacts with is the content.

And if the content is successful in impressing the user, then it should be understood that all the doors of the sales funnel have been opened.

But always keep in mind that the way a smartphone user interacts with the content of the website is different from that of a PC user.

And consequently, you need to make some strategies for the content

In this article, we will get to know what are the leading strategies that attract smartphone users to our website. Let’s understand some of the excellent ways.

  • Powerful and Impactful Headlines

Headlines are the most crucial part of any piece of information, it can impress or depress the reader at the same time. To create curiosity and generate interest in the reader, you should hook the reader with the most compelling, informative, and customer-centric headlines.

  • More White, Less Black

Websites filled with text all over can distract the smartphone user. If once the user takes his eyes off the content, it will be difficult to find the line where he was reading on the smaller screen. And it scales down the smartphone user experience.

So steer your reader’s eyes with more white space than the large chunk of text. Break large paragraphs into shorter ones and always highlight the key points.

  • Proceed with Highlights

Highlights increase the discoverability of your article in SERPs. Besides, it also draws the attention of the readers by providing a summarised overview of the article. You can add key highlights in the form of bullet points on the top of your web page or at the starting of your blog or article.

  • Inject Visual Components

Visuals strengthen the relationship between written text and images. Attractive visuals not only draw the reader’s attention but also spark the memories of concepts that will stick to an idea much better than words.

You must add supporting images and an in-depth video to your content. You can also add infographics to serve the information-rich content.

  • Excellent Readability

Clear, concise, and easy to understand a piece of content get the highest possible audience.

Easy-to-read content with high aesthetics encourages the readership. This can be done by using high contrast colors and maintaining font size at 16px.

  • “To The point” Title

The title is the first introduction of your content, it explains the main theme of the content. If you want your wonderful article to be discovered by your audience, it must be attention-grabbing with containing the main keyword in it.

Keep it simple, to the point, and packed with information. Try to keep it under 7 words or about 70 characters.

  • A Perfect Plan for CTA

Smartphone readers are always in a hurry to lay their hands on the desired information. You have a very limited opportunity to capture their attention. So, your CTA is on the top of the center of your webpage that grabs user attention within a few seconds.

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